Hello SoulTrekkers!

Take Time For Spiritual Nourishment

Posted on May 31, 2011 by Rev Barbara J Butler

Nature is a most profound gift Spirit has given us. We have many opportunities in every single day to bathe our souls in this blessing. Make a point to watch clouds for at least fifteen minutes. How many forms and shapes can you come up with? Take yourself up on those fluffy white ones and roll all over the sky. Sit in a pile of autumn leaves and feel the texture next to your skin. Pick up a handful and notice the intricate leaf vein patterns. Run through barefooted and feel the marvelous sensations of crunch. Go to a park or into the forest and find “your” tree. Spend an afternoon next to your tree in quietude and listen to life pulsating through the bark and branches. Then hug your tree. And return to the tree sometimes, observe its changes. Does the tree look or feel different? Is your return time in the fall v.s. your first encounter in the early spring? Breathe in each of these moments. They are here to remind us of our connection with God and with life.